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Or Bleu helps everyone, disregarding thier origin, sex or religion


Or Bleu works exclusively with reliable companies and/or foundations


Or Bleu invests in sustainable projects to ensure the development of the communities

Who are we? Our history

The story of the charity starts in december 2015, with a couple of friends gathered around a table, sure that they could help people. Together, they found Or Bleu ("Blue Gold"), aimaing at building wells to bring drinkable water to the needing populations. Officially recognized as a charity in February 2016, Or Bleu is composed of adherents and volunteers all around the world, ready to sacrify their time for the divers activities of the charity.

Help us to build some wells.

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Our commitments

Or Bleu is commited to not taking any running costs the total amount of your donation goes to the supported actions

Or Bleu is commited to communicating all the results of the campains as well as the progression of the work in real time

Or bleu is committed being totally transparent on the breakdown and the uses of your financial donations all year long

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